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Volchok Style: Lager
Gravity: 10 Alcohol: 4,1 % Bitterness: 20 «VOLCHOK» – bright and dynamic, your lager for every day.
Sidrova Koza Style: Cider
Gravity: Alcohol: 5,5% Bitterness: - Summer release 2019, in which we tried to make cider  with a bright taste of juicy fresh red apples and a pleasant balance of sweetness. The aftertaste is long and refreshing.
Cherry Ale Style: Fruit Ale
Gravity: 16 Alcohol: 6,2 % Bitterness: 25 Cherry Ale has clearly reveals sour-sweet, well refreshing and not cloying taste. Aftertaste is bitter, with almond and tangible tones of cherry nucleus. Aroma of our ale - delicious, light and fruity.
FireFly Style: Lager
Gravity: 12 Alcohol: 5,0 % Bitterness: 35 American hops “Cascade” and “Pekko” open brightly , creating a floral-fruity aroma with pronounced citrus shades.
Refreshing taste with pleasant characteristic bitterness will be remembered by its unique rich taste and aroma.

APA Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
Gravity: 13 Alcohol: 5,5% Bitterness: 27 American Pale Ale – was brewed using hops of Vic Secret and Galaxy varieties.
The aroma clearly reveals mango, the taste is noticeable to the transition from tropical fruit to herbal notes.
Gravity: 14,0% Alcohol: 5,9% Bitterness: 55 Well hopped Indian pale ale with bright citrus and fruity notes with hints of conifers.

Mead "Wrong Honey" Style: Mead
Gravity: - Alcohol: 4,0% Bitterness: - Our  mead  «The wrong honey» meets you with an intense wine aroma, which is easy to discern the notes of mint. The taste is balanced and dry, while the finish is long with a noticeable amount of sweet ness, though not cloying.
Discover Mead from a new side.
Blanche de Mazay Style: Hoppy Wheat
Gravity: 14 Alcohol: 5,9% Bitterness: 45 BLANCHE DE MAZAY-White wheat beer brewed using American hop Mosaic which creating an interesting and full bodied taste and bright flavor where it is easy to determine the tone of tropical fruits and meadow flowers.
Port Arthur Style: Porter
Gravity: 16,0% Alcohol: 6,5% Bitterness: 25 Thick rich deep dark beer with pleasant tones of chocolate and roasted nuts in taste inherent in the classic Porter, as well as an exquisite.